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Training program in the spotlight

Each month we introduce you to one specific theme.
Below the selection of the month!

The 8 arms of the octopus in your garage: the receptionist!

The role of the receptionist is often underestimated at the garage!
However he or she proves to be the hub of the company.
Like an octopus the receptionist moves his/her arms professionally around the wishes of the customer.

Through a training program we inspire the receptionist about new possibilities and opportunities occurring on their daily path.
Exploring customer loyalty and optimization in terms of service and sales.
We let the receptionist reveal himself beyond his administrative role as a customer advisor and help him to discover his hidden commercial skills.

The 8 arms are in line with the 8 pillars-competences they need to achieve in their work environment. Each pillar is studied and is practiced in real-world scenarios. The level of difficulty increases depending on the growth process of the participants.

Excellent service at your garage starts at the reception!
Pilot your employees to the State of Service advisor expert!

The duration of the training journey is deliberated with the garage or the brand.

The above theme is the star of the month!

However one star does not illuminate the entire universe!
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