In2learning developes each training

for your company according to your desired out-come.


In-company training

A unique training for your company and your people!

In-company training, means sharing the thinking process according your business and according the rhythm of your business.
Every company has its specific concerns, expectations, strategies.

We listen to your story! We create together your solution!
No need to say this delivered the best results.
A training for 3, 6 or more people? You can count on our support!

You can also use our "competence form" free of charge from one in-house training on.
Our training advisors will be delighted to tell you all about it at the introduction.

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You belong to a specific sector?

You belong to the automotive sector?
You belong to the healthcare sector?
You belong to the retail?
You belong to the cleaning sector?
You are a wholesale dealer?
You belong to the tourism sector?
You are a job agency?

Through our training career we had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge in many sectors.
This enriches our approach and empathy in accordance with your sector-specific characteristics.

We apply this valuable knowledge in a very focused way.
We use a separate brochure per sector

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You are currently not in a position to be able to organize in-company trainings?

No worries! In2Learning has also SME in mind!
From may 2015, each quarter, we propose a number of very succesfull theme for individual subscription.
Our open offer is under construction. Share your expectations with us. Helps us targeting what you need as an SME!

Sign up through our website via ' open trainings '.
Our trainers are ready for you with just as much enthusiasm.

If you can't find what you are looking for? Contact us immediately!
We are looking for the best solution !

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Download our sector-specific trainings:

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You are looking for a group theme?

Coaching and leadership
Safety courses
Share your concerns with us!

You want to find out more about our brochures?

Everyone sells!
Did you know that everyone sells in your business and not only your sales staff? Topics for everyone: from warehouse keeper to sales manager!
For each function a hand-made program!
Discover our training vision and strategy!

Is there a hidden team coach in you?
Every Manager, already now , or soon to be, will be guided through our team coaching tools.
Ahead to collaborate with people!
A close team is possible even in rough economic times, if you provide the right approach!

Security is not only the concern of the prevention advisor!
Looking for affordable first aid training, fire drills
in car, forklift training, evacuation exercises,
Ba4/BA5, VCA, back prevention with lifting techniques, aggression policy,
your staff safe on the road, etc.?
We'll guide you to the best experts according your safety needs!

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