As a company, you keep the focus on your core business.

You can rely on In2Learning to win time and money

You can get more money
and if you want ... more time


You don't have to invest neither time nor money to find the perfect teacher!

For more as 20 years In2Learning is familiarised with the training world. You can rely on us introducing the most suitable trainers for your company. In2Learning introduces you to trainers who

  • are familiarized with the sector and your corporate identity
  • have proven teaching abilities of high-quality
  • know how to lift each participant at a higher level!
  • starts their training from the daily practice of your people
  • provides tangible tips suitable for daily job circumstances
  • are under our budgetary control


You don't have to invest neither time nor knowledge to build your in-house training.

You tell us what your employees perform today and what you want to achieve.
We assemble this, together with the trainer, into practice.
Even more; we spread the learning curve time according to your possibilities and your budget


You spare time and money before and after the training sessions.

We assist you with the organization.
You will get all the documents available in supporting the training.

Want a quick-scan on how your people perform before and after the training? You can use on our "competence meter" or we do the measurement for you.

You want your employee individually monitored and coached: your office employee on the phone, your sales staff with the customer, or the leadership at the warehouse, etc.?

Our coaches are ready to cash one on one, the knowledge at the workplace.

You want to be sure that you have all the premium reductions put to use?

We are recognized training provider.
You enjoy as an SME, 50% refund via the KMO-portefeuille.
You can also rely on our additional support for all other subsidies you can claim!


You spare time and money when you choose not to enroll a full time employee.

You can insource us for the complete organization and follow-up of the training needs of your people. Our staff is experienced in the coordination of trainings.

They are propt, efficient and can settle everything for you.

You pay only for the time actually needed.